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About Our Catering Services
Sebastians catering is available at Draper Laboratory on Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 2:00pm. After hours catering is available per request.  Service charges may apply.

Whether hosting an office breakfast meeting, luncheon, or reception, you will notice the difference even before you take the first bite.  Sebastians food is fresh, wholesome, and delicious and comes from as many local sources as possible.

We continually explore new recipes and flavor combinations with many of our dishes inspired by regional ingredients, local specialties, and what is in season.  You will find many new exciting items throughout our menu.  This includes an extensive variety of sandwiches, grains, greens, pasta salads, and vegetarian options.

With each order, you will have the same great experience and know that you can trust the quality and consistency of our service and food.  We promise you ane your guests that your next event will be full of flavor. 

How to Order Catering
Order Online
We prefer if you order catering online.  You will have access to plenty of great features to save you time and to manage your events including the ability to re-order past events.  Log in to your account on this site or create an account in seconds and begin ordering.

Compound Ordering
Our online ordering website has been set up to allow you to easily book all day, or multiple day events using our Compound Ordering feature.

Order your first event component (e.g. Breakfast), and after you have entered all of the pertinent details, at Step #3, name your order (Breakfast) and click the button labeled “add another order” . This will create another order for the next component (e.g. Morning Break) and allow you to enter different delivery information and service times as desired.

Follow this procedure until you have completed your component orders, and then click “Continue” to proceed to checkout and provide the payment information that will apply to all of these orders.

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