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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login and set up an account?
Go to the Customer Login box in the top left of the site and click on the need an account link. Use your email address that you want your catering communications to be sent to when registering.

How do I confirm catering orders?
When you place your order it is considered unconfirmed until we review it.  Once we confirm, you will recieve an email detailing your order.  Confirm that order by clicking the Confirm Order Button.  You may also make a change request to your order by clicking Change Request.

What are your catering policies?
Yes, click on a menu item – the policies link will appear in a secondary navigation line. 

Is there a ordering tutorial?
Yes, click on a menu item – the tutorial link will appear in a secondary navigation line.

Where is the search tool to find a menu item?
Click on any of the main menu categories and a secondary navigation bar will appear. You’ll also be able to access your account, policies, and a system tutorial.

What if I don’t see an item I am fond of? Can I still order/request it?
Yes, you can. When placing the order you may use the special instructions section to request something that is not in the current menu. Our catering team will be happy to add custom items to your order if possible and into your menu so it will be available for a future order.

What if I am planning a large event and I want a completely customized menu?
In those cases you will work with our catering manager to determine the custom menu, party rentals, and event specifics. Our team will build the proposed event in the system as a custom order in your account and you will receive the order information & invoice the same as you would if you built the order yourself using the everyday menu.

Can I place recurring orders?
Each delivery time represents an order. If you have a meeting every Wednesday and you always order the same thing we suggest the following. Create the order in the system. Then go to your order history and click “Reorder” - you will only have to change the date.

How do I place orders for all day events with multiple eating times?
Our online ordering website has been set up to allow you to easily book all day, or multiple day events using our Compound Ordering feature.

(e.g. Breakfast), and after you have entered all of the pertinent details, at
Step #3, name your order (Breakfast) and click the button labeled “add another
order” .  This will create another order for the next component (e.g. Morning
Break) and allow you to enter different delivery information and service times
as desired.

Follow this procedure until you have
completed your component orders, and then click “Continue” to proceed to
checkout and provide the payment information that will apply to all of these

How are last minute (within 24 hours) cancellations handled?
We appreciate 24 hours notice for order cancellations.  If there are costs incurred as a result of your cancellation, client will be billed for those costs and not the entire cost of the event. Please cancel an order using the CHANGE REQUEST funtion or call us to cancel a last minute order.

How much lead time in advance of my event date do I need to place an order?
We would appreciate at least 24 hours. You must place the order by noon the day before. Some items require 48 hours.

When I choose a same day order I get the following messages:
*Please Note: We are unable to accept online orders on such short
notice.  Please call the Catering Office to discuss your catering request.

Your order will not go through, however it can be approved by our catering manager if we have the ability to accomodate.  The catering manager will then place the order in your account.

*Please Note: You may proceed, but due to short notice, you must contact the Catering Office for a verbal confirmation.

Your order will go through, however it will not be approved by our team unless our catering manager determines that the order can be fulfilled.

How do we pay for catering orders?
In the CHECK OUT section of the ordering process you must put in your Contract Number You may also pay with a credit card.

Is there a minimum order?
The minimum order for drop off catering is defined by the item minimum. There is no dollar value minimum.

Helpful tips when placing an order:
Prices do not include state/local tax.  Tax  will be added to orders at checkout.

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